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Cause Of The Problem With Expanded Metal Fence

May. 26, 2021

  1. When the Expanded Metal Fence is installed, the column is not fixed, or the screw is not tightened when the accessory is fixed.

2. Looseness caused by the external environment, such as strong extemal impact, typhoon impact, or root damage is man-made damage. Mainly due to the loosening of the zinc steel guardrail caused by these three reasons, then when we repair a zinc steel guardrail, we must first observe what part of the guardrail is loose. Then based on the extemal characteristics of the zinc steel guardrail to determine the cause of this looseness. Then fixit. It is to find out where the problem lies and to get the cause.

3.The loosening of the Galvanized lron Wire caused by the change of the external environment, such as the looseness of the fixed position of the column itself, the screws used are not stainless steel anti-corrosion screws,and the looseness caused by the corrosion of the screws.

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